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Exporter & Importer
Manufacturer / Producer
Buyfirst, Lda
Mr. Rosa Silva
Rua Manuel Firmino 52, 6º AP
Aveiro, Centro
Tel: 00351 234 372 353
Fax: 00351 234 372 359
Key Figures
Years in Business 15
Annual Revenue Less than USD 100,000
Employees 6 - 10
Company Profile
The constant challenge for most companies, in relation to differentiation and sophistication, has required of its leaders the difficult task of maintaining teams specialized in the different satellite areas of their core business, with the consequent financial weight, resulting from their maintenance and up-dating.

Buyfirst - Global Solution, is an outsourcing option for the peripheral services of companies. It counts on a team of specialists in different areas, perfectly integrated in a context where globalisation and internationalization, as well as local interests and values, everyday become more important for the development of the competitive advantages of our clients.
Product(s) we Sell
[630210 ] Bed Linen, Knitted or Crocheted
[630221 ] Bed Linen, Printed, of Cotton
[630222 ] Bed Linen, Printed, of Man-made Fibres
[630229 ] Bed Linen, Printed, of Other Textile Materials
[630231 ] Other Bed Linen of Cotton
[630232 ] Other Bed Linen of Man-made Fibres
[630239 ] Other Bed Linen, of Other Textile Materials
[630240 ] Table Linen, Knitted or Crocheted
[630251 ] Other Table Linen of Cotton
[630252 ] Other Table Linen of Flax
[630253 ] Other Table Linen of Man-made Fibres
[630259 ] Other Table Linen of Other Textile Materials
[630260 ] Toilet Linen, Kitchen Linen, of Terry Towelling, of Cotton
[630291 ] Toilet Linen, Kitchen Linen, of Cotton
[630292 ] Toilet Linen, Kitchen Linen, of Flax
[630293 ] Toilet Linen, Kitchen Linen, of Man-made Fibres
[630299 ] Toilet Linen, Kitchen Linen, of Other Textile Materials
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
Target Import Market(s)
Products and Services
Buyfirst, Lda provides the following products and services:
wine, construction, tiles, textile, computers
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